The Website “Korean Press Information Database KPM”

Korean Press Information Database KPM (hereafter referred to as KPM) provides newspaper articles, press photographs, and videos from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea through its web pages. We offer real-time access to major North Korean newspapers including “Rodong Sinmun,” “Minju Choson,” “Munhak Sinmun,” and “The Pyongyang Times” (in English).
Additionally, we provide “Chosun Shinbo Pyongyang Bureau News,” which is published by the Chosun Shinbo Company based in Tokyo. This news service features original articles from on-site coverage of globally relevant issues and interviews with various North Korean stakeholders. KPM ensures immediate distribution of all newspapers as soon as they are published locally, particularly providing “Rodong Sinmun” in real-time concurrent with its local release.
Furthermore, KPM distributes all its newspapers in PDF format, uniquely offering the pages of “Rodong Sinmun,” “Minju Choson,” and “Munhak Sinmun” worldwide. KPM also supplies academic journals, including ten social science journals such as “Kim Il Sung University Journal,” “Social Science Institute Journal,” “History Science,” and “Korean Literature,” and 37 natural science journals like “Science Academy Bulletin” and “Invention Gazette.”
For more details, please see the introductory video below.



No.TitlesummaryIssues per yearStart yearRemarks
1The Rodong SinmunOrgan of the Workers’ Party of Korea3652000PDF
2The Minju JosonGovernment Organ of the DPR Korea3132006PDF since 2019
3The Munhak SinmunOrgan of Writers Union of Korea362006PDF since 2019
4Pyongyang branch News“The Choson Sinbo” Pyongyang branch1502006Photo, Irregular issue
5The Pyongyang Times(English)Foreign Languages Publishing House of the DPRK522006PDF since 2018
6The Tongil SInboIndependent Paper532006PDF since 2019,  Discontinued in 2024

<Social Science Journals>

No.TitleISSNIssues per yearPosted fromRemarks
1Gazette of the Academy of Social Science1728-038942016PDF since 2019
2National Heritage (National Cultural Heritage)1728-0400 42001PDF since 2019
3Study on Philosophy and Socio-Politics1683-9927 42018PDF  since 2019
4Study of Law2075-010242018PDF  since 2019,Discontinued in 2020
5Study of Economy1683-996X 41986PDF  since 2019,Discontinued in 2020
6Korean Linguistics1680-7871 41993PDF  since 2019
7Study of the cultured Korean Language1728-031141990PDF  since 2019,Discontinued in 2020, 
8Science of History1683-9935 41977PDF  since 2019
9Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Linguistics)1727-950X 21997PDF  since 2019, Semiannual publication from 2018
10Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Philosophy)22019PDF
11Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Economics)22019PDF
12Journal of Kim Il Sung University (History)22019PDF
13Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Law)22019PDF
14Korean Art1727-9402 122005PDF since 2019
15Youth Literature1727-9429122005PDF since 2019
16Korean Literature1727-9437 122005PDF since 2019
17Children’s Literature1727-9410122005PDF since 2019
18Chollima1727-9399 122005Posted until 2015
19Study on Philosophy1683-9927 41996Discontinued in 2017
20Study of Politics and Law2075-010242003Discontinued in 2017
21Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Philosophy, Economics)1727-952641997Discontinued in 2018
22Journal of Kim Il Sung University (History, Law)1727-951841997Discontinued in 2018

<Nature Science Journals>

No.TitleISSNIssues per yearStart yearRemarks
1Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Mathematics)42018
2Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Information Science)42018
3Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Geoenvironmental Science and Geology)42018
4Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Physics)42018
5Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Chemistry)42018
6Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Life Science)42018
7OfficialInventions Report of the DPRK2075-0110122011
8Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences1680-422362011
14Korean Medical Science1680-802942011
15Basic Medicine1728-033842011
16Korean Pharmacology1683-995142011
17Preventive Medicine1683-994342011
18Information Science1728-035442011
19Electricity and Automatic Engineering1680-789842011
20Mechanical Engineering1019-420742011
21Mining Engineering1680-780142011
22Geology and Geography1680-793642011
23Chemistry and Chemical Engineering0439-982X42011
24Internal Medicine0547-106042011
25External Medicine0473-802042011
26Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology0583-669742011 Discontinued in 2020
27Science of Light Industry2075-007242011
28Measurement & Standardization2075-005642011
29Electronic Technology1683-997842011
30Dentistry, Ophthalmdogy,Otorhinolaryngology2219-069442011 Discontinued in 2020
31Koryo Medical Science42016 Discontinued in 2020
32Technical Innovation1727-9372122011
33World of Science1727-956962011
34Information Science and Technology62015
35Computer and Programme Technology62015
36Korean Architecture1019-421562011
37Meteorology and Hydrology1728-037042011
38Agricultural Irrigation1728-036262011
39Forest Science42011
40Bulletin of Forest Science Tecnology42018
41Journal of Kim Il Sung University (Natural Science)1727-9534122011 Discontinued in 2020